The Hotel

Imagine a place where the rules are not the same,
where space and time mingle to draw
a new philosophy of hospitality.

Our refined hotel is located right in the heart of the city of Palladio, about 5 minutes walking far from the Basilica Palladiana, the Palazzo Chiericati picture gallery and from the Olympic Theatre. Besides, it is only fifteen minutes walking from the town’s station.

Due to its location, our hotel is the ideal place for those who want to admire the architectural beauties of a fascinating city, rich in history and culture, but also capable of offering interesting proposals for shopping lovers.
Moreover, this is one of the few four star hotels in Vicenza.

Our Hotel was an ancient customs port house for Vicenza and the building is from the XV century. Hotel Palladio was specifically designed through-out leaving some original aspects which makes us unique.

Our first philosophy is to ensure our guests have a pleasant stay with us, whether they are here for business or pleasure, an over night stay or a long stay. Our young andprofessional staff is always there to help in any way possible to make your stay more comfortable than ever.

Another philosophy is to have respect for the environment using eco-friendly products, such as bathroom kits that are composed of hand made shampoos, soaps and body lotions from a Venician botanical garden. Our bathroom kits are grown without chemical products.
We also have flower vases that are made with industrial scraps included in a paraffin wax layer. In all room there are recycled folders with hotel information and writing facilities. An ecological heating and cooling system works by radiated colored panels which are clayed and placed through out the hotel, including in all rooms.

Vicenza is home to some of the famous architectural works by Andrea Palladio, who was born in 1508. The Basilica and the Teato Olimplico are just two of his amazing structures near us.
Vicenza is also home to the international gold fair which runs four times a year.

Vicenza is a beautiful city full of history and art to which you should take advantage of, and what a better place to stay at is Hotel Palladio.